Work on computer

Work on computer

Working on a computer – health problems related to the modern way of life.

Despite the enormous benefits that technology revolution offers and the everyday use of computers in our work and in homes,

work on them carries certain general problems as well as problems related to eyesight. Computer eyesight syndrome is a term that is introduced to explain the discomfort associated with eyesight at people staying for computers for a long time. Symptomatology of this modern syndrome can be divided into three groups;

  1. Problems related to dry eye: tingling, feeling of dust in the eyes, redness, perforated tear, feeling uneasy and weight in the eyelids
  2. Discomfort that manifests itself as a feeling of blinking of the image, difficulty in focusing in the eyesight field, a different color experience
  3. General symptoms such as headache, neck, back pain, fatigue

Most computer users are not even aware of the causes of their problems, and only about 10-15% are talking to the doctor about this.
But there is a solution for this too. Contact your OPHTALMOLOGIST, because it is necessary to perform a medical examination before starting work on the computer, then necessarily once a year. With appropriate therapy, possibly protective layer glasses, you will also get a lot of tips to ease what our everyday life is like.


Specialist of ophthalmology
dr Sanda Bogunović- Stojičić