Pricelist of pediatrics services

Abdominal ultrasound in children - Note: Abdominal ultrasound in children is done by a consultant

Price: 4000,00 dinars

View pediatrician

Price: 3.500,00 dinars

Inspection till 15 days from the first examination

Price: 2.500,00 dinars

Preview before vaccine

Price: 3.500,00 dinars

Hips ultrasound in babies of 3 month

Price: 4.000,00 dinars

Checkup for children under 3 years (infant)

Price: 5.000,00 dinars

Checkup for children between 3 and 7 years

Price: 7.000,00 dinars

Checkup for children above 7 years

Price: 9.000,00 dinars

Medical examination for departure to first grade

Price: 6.900,00 dinars

View pediatrician before trip (summer and winter) with the issuance of certificates

Price: 3.500,00 dinars

Overview of speech therapists

Price: 3.000,00 dinars

Individual speech therapy

Price: 2.000,00 dinars

Individual speech therapy more than 5 time/month

Price: 1.500,00 dinars