Pricelist of orthopedics

Examination by a orthopedics specialist

Price: 3.500,00 dinars

Control examination (15 days after the survey)

Price: 2.500,00 dinars

Orthopedists reposition

Price: 1.500,00 dinars

Examination of orthopedists with intervention (blockage, puncture, injection)

Price: 7.500,00 dinars

Gypsum immobilisation

Price: 2.500,00 dinars

Gypsum service (plain gypsum)

Price: 200,00 dinars

Gypsum service (plastic gypsum)

Price: 1.200,00 dinars

Gypsum removal

Price: 1.500,00 dinars

Immobilisation service

Price: 1.000,00 dinars

Intervention (blockage, puncture, intra-articular injection)

Price: 4.000,00 dinars