Internal medicine

Internal medicine is a broad branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of internal organs.
Internal medicine examination is one of the most comprehensive examinations in the field of adult medicine and includes:- anamnesis (insight into the patient’s health through conversation)
– clinical examination
– blood pressure measurement

  • lab analysis
  • diagnosis and determination of therapy
  • proposing additional tests, if necessary

The field of internal medicine includes the following subspecialties:

  • cardiology
  • endocrinology
  • pulmonology
  • allergology
  • gastroenterology
  • nephrology
  • rheumatology
  • hematology
  • oncology

In the Health Center “Vizima” it is possible to do internist and related subspecialist examinations, such as:

  • ECG
  • Echo of the heart
  • Holter ECG (ECG monitoring during 24 hours)
  • AMKP (measurement of blood pressure during 24 hours)
  • Interpretation of ECG and TA holter findings and treatment suggestion
  • Ergometry (heart load test)
  • Spirometry
  • Osteodensitometry
  • Inbody measurement – professional body composition analyzers
  • Internal examination to approve the planned operation or obtain a vaccine
  • Systematic examinations
  • Control examinations
  • Consultations and consultations (prevention or complications of existing diseases)
  • Prescribing recipes

Vizim recommends to its patients:

  • to perform a comprehensive internal examination before coming to the subspecialist in order to identify the problem and confirm the possible need for further examinations and tests
  • to bring all previous medical documentation

Doctors of „Vizim” will do everything in the domain of their competence in order to raise the health, condition and general condition of the organism of their patients to the highest level. Dedicated and proper treatment of patients Vizim enable a better quality of life.