New promotional packages

New promotional packages

Based on the great experience gained through many years of work, the medical team of the Health Center “Vizim” has created new scanning packages for the valued users of our services. Aware of the way of life and the pace that everyday commitments imply, we have created a review package that will help bring the quality of life and health of the individual to a higher level.

Medical examinations for athletes

If you decide to do sports, to maintain slenderness and condition, you need to check if your body is ready for the same. Week has 7 days or 168 h. Statistics show that employees can make time for sport or some kind of physical activity at least 2 to 3 times weekly one hour during a day. For your body this is a great stress. During the week, a large number of employees spend about 165 hours sitting (at work, cars, at the table) or lying down (sleeping), and then wants to compensate for the lack of everyday physical activity with an hour of recreation. We advise you to check whether your body is ready and able to respond to such sudden stress. You need to do sports, but you have to do it in a responsible manner. Make the exams and make sure your cardiovascular system can withstand such a “sudden” effort (pulse rate often exceeds 150 / minute). Our doctors will review, measure and determine your health as well as assess your individual abilities. You will get advice on how hard you can practice, how to feed, and where your limits are.
Name of medical examination Price
Medical examination of cardiology  
Computerized EKG  
Echo of heart with doppler  
Anthropometric measurements TT, TV, BMI  
Merenja body structure and body composition  
Ergonometry – stress test  
Examination by nutritionist  
KKS, SE, Fe, Chol, LDL, HDL, TG, K, Na, Mg  
  7.750,00 dinars
Name of medical examination Price
Medical examination of cardiology  
Computerized EKG  
Neurological examination  
Doppler blood vessels  
Medical examination of a physiatrist  
Medical examination of ophthalmologist  
KKS, SE, Fe, Gly  
  7.500,00 dinars

Medical examinations for examining the cause of headache

Long-term work, nonphysiological situations, stress, reduced physical activity and genetic predispositions are just some of the causes of headaches. Let us help you and get rid of these unpleasant occurrences together.