Hypopurinic diet

Hypopurinic diet

Purine nucleotides are essential components of nucleic acids. Uric acid is the ultimate product of purine metabolism in humans.

The amount of uric acid that is daily synthesized in the body is about 400mg, while an additional 300mg is added to the diet.

The hypopurinic diet is introduced when the purine intake is reduced through food. This is achieved by the reduced intake of all kinds of meat and meat products, from 50 to 100g per day, intestines, vegetables from the family of legumes, alcoholic drinks and the like. It is useful that obesity is lost.

Hypopurin diets are recommended for people who have high blood uric acid levels or people who have been diagnosed with gout.


Hypopurinic diet
Forbidden meals Allowed meals Permitted in moderate quantities
Intestines: White bread Rye bread
Liver Pastry Cauliflower
Kidney Toast bread Spinach
Brain Wheat germ Chicken
Tongue Wheat grits Ham
Meat extracts: Macaroni Sheep meat
Bacon Corn flour Crabs
Pork Rice Mushrooms
Beef meat Eggs Fat in food limit
Venison: Milk Tea and coffee are omitted
Partridge Fresh cheese  
Pheasant Greens  
Duck Carrot  
Goose Celery  
Wild boar Potato  
Roe deer Peas  
Sardine Gourd  
Shells Tomato  
Alcoholic drinks Cucumbers  
Lentil Horseradish  
Conserved meat All kinds of fruits  
Conserved fish Juices  
Conserved cheeses Lamb meat  
  Turkey white meat  

dr Jovana Simović
Doctor on specialization in internal medicine