Health teeth and shiny smile

Health teeth and shiny smile


 Name of service Regular price Discount price
Descaling with polishing 2500,00 1500,00
Teeth whitening both forks 12000,00 7200,00


*prices are in dinars
*the action is valid until the end of August 2020
*the action relates to the location of Vizim Dorcol – Knez Miletina 36, Belgrade

Teeth whitening is the process of removing various stains and discolourations from the surface of the teeth whereby the color of the teeth themselves becomes whiter.
The teeth are darkened over time by foods that we ingest daily, especially tobacco, coffee, red wine or poor oral hygiene of the individual, which is why tooth whitening has become the most commonly used method in cosmetic dentistry.

At the dental office of the Vizim Health Center, a splint (trey) method of teeth whitening, also known as house or night teeth whitening, is applied.
The process is very simple:

-In the office, the imprint of the upper and lower jaws is taken, on the basis of which the (tray) fork mold is made.
-The mold and gel the patient takes with them. The tray is comfortable, resilient and lasts for years, the gel builds up when consumed. The gel is basically carbamide peroxide at a mean concentration of 16%.
-A quantity of gel is applied to the tray, as instructed by the dentist, and applied overnight.

The bleaching process lasts for a maximum of 10 days and the first results are visible after the second or third day.