Get rid of wrinkles

Get rid of wrinkles

Even though you are very careful in the sun, some wrinkles have been inevitable for years. But that does not mean that you must accept them without any fighting. Though you will never completely get rid of your wrinkles, you can make it much less noticeable.

– Do not count on retinol – This component is found in many OTC skin care products. The label is often referred to as vitamin A, retinal or retinyl palmitate. No matter what the label says, there are no studies conducted on humans that would confirm any anti-age properties of this substance. So take everything you write with a dose of reserve.

– The accent is still on AHA Alpha hydroxy acids, or AHA, also called glycolic acids, are fruit acids that peel dead skin cells and accelerate cell renewal. Different flavor products and different concentrations of AHA-OTC preparations contain less than 10% of these acids. There are some concerns about the use of AHA, and the European Commission is considering new restrictions in their application, due to the possibility that instead of restoring, AHA can damage the skin. It is known that AHA increases the sensitivity of the skin sun, which can lead to redness, blisters or burns. OTC preparations should have warnings on themselves. If you decide to use AHA, prepare to be patient, it can take up to six months until fine lines on the skin are diminished and disappear.

– EFFECTS OF ESTROGEN It is true that women who receive hormone replacement therapy have less wrinkles, but the fact is that the use of estrogen carries some risks with them. One of the reasons is that estrogen compensates for a decrease in the function of the sebaceous glands that has been normal for years. According to one study, women who consumed estrogen for a year, skin thickness increased by 12 centimeters.

Hand protection – The skin on the hands is thin, and therefore it is precisely in this part that signs of damage from exposure to the sun begin to appear first. To prevent the appearance of wrinkles and freckles in old people, when applying a cream with a protective factor, do not skip your hands.

Protection of lipsApply a label or lipstick that contains a protective factor.

Look for a shelterIf possible, stay away from the sun for a period of 10-15h, when the sun rays are the strongest.