Continuous health care


The first private  Health Center “Vizim” allowed companies and their employees to collectively open a health record – inclusion in a continuing health care program that entitles employees to unlimited use of the following medical services throughout the year, and significant benefits.


Rb Medical examinations
1. General medicine
2. Internist examinations
3. Cardiac examination
4. Pulmonary examination
5. Ophthalmic examination
6. Dental preventive examination
7. Dermatological examination
8. Physical examination
9. Gynecological examination with colposcopy and PAPA test


Rb Diagnostics
1. Laboratory analysis
2. Ultrasound examinations (abdomen, thyroid gland, heart)
3. Doppler diagnostics
4. Holter ECG and TA
5. Audiometry
6. Fundus oculi examination
7. Spirometry


Rb Therapy
1. Injections service
2. Infusion service




Unlimited use of services throughout the year

Company doctor

Free drugs

Discounts for family members


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