Why work in Vizim?

„Vizim” is an institution that provides its employees with the opportunity for professional certification and promotion through:

The management of „Vizim” recognizes in time professional individuals who have ethics, creativity and an immense desire to constantly expand their knowledge, as well as to build a professional relationship with their profession and users of medical services. With such a choice, this Health Center forms a stable team that can respond to all patient requests at any time and which also represents a competitive health institution in Serbia.

Are you the right person for us?

For our success, our company’s performance is made up of a person who owns:

The health center „Vizim” has been building and nurturing a database of potential staff for years. The database is regularly updated, and the confidentiality and protection of data are carried out according to the highest world standards. Also, „Vizim” is a signatory of the obligation according to which the data from the database cannot be used for other purposes, except for the purpose of “open competition”. This system enables always available and active database, as well as professional communication with experts who participated in the competition and / or who in this way confirmed their interest to be part of the „Vizim” teams.

Those interested in working in this Health Center, can send their CV to the email address of the Human Resources Sector:


The most valuable asset of „Vizim” is – knowledge

Health Center „Vizim” regularly conducts professional training of its staff, enabling them to attend congresses and symposia in the country and abroad.

Through constant professional training and monitoring of world trends in medicine and management, this Health Center confirms its position that knowledge is the most valuable asset of the Company.

Also, with its business premises and human resources, the Health Center „Vizim” represents teaching and scientific support to the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, which enables it to transfer acquired knowledge and experiences, as well as to recognize unique talents in a timely manner, offering them employment and cooperation.

Human potential

Health Center „Vizim” is aware of the value of its staff, as well as employees and associates are aware of the value of the Health Center „Vizim”, based on which a proper and quality relationship between employees and employers is built. Human resource management is the key to long-term stability and market competitiveness. Thanks to the system built in this way, the management of the Health Center „Vizim” is able to successfully and positively realize each of its ideas, and to prevent and / or effectively stabilize crisis situations.


Current competitions


Due to the growth of business volume, Health Center “Vizim” – Medical Sector, announces a competition and announces the following jobs:

Nurse technician


Secondary, higher or higher medical education
Desirable knowledge of English and computer skills

Health Center “Vizim” offers a demanding, but extremely stimulating work environment, as well as a chance for further learning, professional development and advancement. Personal results and contributions are recognized, valued and rewarded in a timely manner.

Send your CV to the e-mail address: