Why work in Vizim?

VIZIM is an institution that provides its employees the opportunity to present through:

The management of VIZIM in time recognizes individuals who possess an immense amount of knowledge, professionalism, creativity, and by such a choice a real group can respond at all times to all the demands of our patients, and at the same time makes us a competitive home market.

Are you the right person for us?

For our success, our company’s performance is made up of a person who owns:

If you have these qualities, you have the opportunity to become part of the VIZIM team in the sector that is closest to your professional knowledge.

The Health center “Vizim” has, for many years now, a database of potential staff that is regularly updated. Confidentiality and data protection is carried out according to the highest world standards, and as an institution we commit that your data will not be used for other purposes, except for their true purpose, which is “open competition” for which you are giving them.

This system enables the human resources sector to provide an active database, as well as professional communication with everyone who participated in the competition.

Send us your CV:

Human Resources Sector