Wiener-Vizim program of voluntary health insurance

The Health center „Vizim” in cooperation with Wiener Städtische osiguranje added Wiener-Vizim’s voluntary health insurance program to its offer. The program includes collective insurance that provides policyholders with an unlimited number of services within the basic package of extremely affordable prices. All medical services can be performed by the insured at the Vizim Health Center throughout the year. The offer is intended for companies that care about the health of their employees and want to provide them with appropriate and safe protection. 

Medical examinations:



Additional conveniences:

To the collectives with which cooperation has been established, „Vizim” also provides the following benefits:

Advantages of voluntary health insurance:

All additional insurance information can be found on Wiener Stadtische osiguranja website or by calling the Wiener Stadtische Call Center: 0800 200 800.


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