Free medical examinations and collective discounts

We present you the promotional campaign of the Health Care Center „Vizim”


Through the Sign In link, interested companies can open „Vizim” health cards for their employees free of charge. After filling in and sending the request, a unique personalized card with the electronic number of the health card will arrive at the sender’s address. By opening a promotional health card, employees are provided with two free examinations:

  1. Free examination by a general practitioner
  2. Free examination by a dentist with a determination of the condition of the teeth and gums

An interested company can provide financial benefits to its employees if it sends a list of employees with their JMBG, telephone numbers and residential addresses to the Sector for Large Clients „Vizim”. Along with the list, it is necessary to submit the name of the company and the contact person, and all the above information should be sent to the e-mail:

After that, in the shortest possible time, personalized ID cards will arrive at the company’s address, with which employees will receive the stated benefits and advantages.


Contact us or send an inquiry to: | 011 785 7778