Voluntary health insurance


As part of additional services, and in order to optimize the process of using medical care, patients can conclude the „Vizim” program of voluntary health insurance, and thanks to the cooperation of Wiener Städtische insurance and „Vizim” .

Such collective insurance provides the insured with an unlimited number of medical services within the basic package of services of the „Vizim” Health Center. The offer is intended for socially responsible companies that care about the health of their employees and want to provide them with adequate and safe health care.

Basic service package:

Additional services:


Minimum number of employees from one company to activate the program is 30.

The program of health care under the same conditions, employees can introduce the members of his family.

Benefits offered by the package Vizim:


All additional information on the insurance can be found on the website of Wiener Städtische insurance or by calling their call center: 0800 200 800