Health checkups

Regular medical examinations prevent numerous diseases and enable that in cases of disease, any change in the human body is detected in a timely manner and that treatment is started on time. That is why „Vizim” insists on the so-called medical literacy of public opinion and the continuous affirmation of preventive systematic examinations aimed at early detection of possible diseases.

Unfortunately, the global tendency to increase various types of diseases does not bypass Serbia. There are more and more malignant changes and cardiovascular diseases, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes (diabetes), as well as other diseases that are more invasive and common today than in previous decades. The first condition for a positive outcome, ie treatment of the patient is early detection of symptoms and timely diagnosis, which is why „Vizim” doctors believe that systematic examinations are of priority importance for good human health and longevity.

Wanting to provide their users with maximum comfort as well as time savings, all medical services, analyzes and recordings, which include a general medical examination, can be done at the „Vizim” Healt center  with a single visit.

Respecting the possibilities and specific requirements of its patients, „Vizim” offers various service packages, including the possibility of creating a special package, according to the needs and choice of service users.

The scope of their selected packages, ie the type of examination, is selected by patients from the “Kao Dren” package.