Health checkups

As physicians, we are daily witnessing the increasing growth of cancer and cardiovascular disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes and a range of other diseases.

We are aware that the performance of regular checkups can prevent some diseases, some detected on time or at least in time to begin treatment. This is why we are free to provide you with the performance of preventive medical examinations aimed at early detection of primarily the above mentioned diseases.

All checkups is can be carried out in only one comming to Health center “Vizim”, that is why we urge you to check on time your health, given to nature of your work and stress which you are expossed every day. Healt center “Vizim” is offering to you several service “packages” depending on your needs. Beside that, you are free to create your own checkups “packages”.

Health center “Vizim” is proposing one of “Kao Dren” packages.