First aid training

Future drivers of all categories, as well as employees in certain companies, need a certificate of passing the first aid exam. From there, the Health Center “Vizim” organizes lectures in its premises as part of first aid training, and after the participants pass the final exam, they are issued the necessary certificate.
The first aid training package includes:

  • Theoretical, verbally presentation
  • Emergency measures
  • Checking the state of consciousness and placing in a coma position
  • Procedures in the management of bleeding
  • Resuscitation measures
  • Principles and procedures in wound care
  • Principles and procedures of immobilization
  • Transport procedures and basics of care during transport
  • Typical injuries and damage to health, principles and procedures in providing first aid
  • Practical practice, individual work with checking the acquired knowledge and showing on a laptop (pictures and short animated films)
  • Checking knowledge with tests

Over the last few decades, with the multiple increase in the number of disasters and accidents, the need of each individual to master the techniques of first aid has been growing. This is also stated in the e-Family Manual for Conduct in Emergency Situations published by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia – Sector for Emergency Situations, in cooperation with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, OSCE, 2014) .
Hence, “Vizim” is the first health center that organizes lectures for all those interested who want to be preventively educated in order to react in a timely and competent manner in unforeseen situations in order to save their own or other people’s lives. Training, individual, group or family, provides answers and provides valuable advice that can prove useful in incidents such as fires, floods, earthquakes, landslides, chemical poisoning, terrorist attacks, traffic accidents, injuries at home… Consequences of human health and life can be significantly mitigated if participants are familiar with the rules of first aid. Therefore, the training in “Vizim” is valuable not only for obtaining the legally prescribed certificates, but also for how other individuals would be trained to help themselves and their families in case of any accident or disaster, thanks to the acquired knowledge.