Vizim once

The successful twelve-year work of the VIZIM Polyclinic, which was started in 1994 by Dr. Zorica Dinić, preceded the establishment of the first private health center in Serbia – the VIZIM Health Center.

The VIZIM polyclinic confirmed its intensive development in 2001 by opening the first outpatient clinic in the “Beograđanka” palace. Two years later, the outpatient clinic located in one of the most important cultural institutions in Serbia – the National Theater building, started operating, thus positioning the VIZIM Polyclinic as an official health institution that takes care of the health of members of all three ensembles of the National Theater (opera, drama, ballet).

In the following years, the scope of work grew as did the need for expansion, so in 2006 the VIZIM Polyclinic was transformed into the Health Center of the same name.

Based on experience, family tradition and strong enthusiasm of the highly professional Dinić family, VIZIM Health Center paved the way for private practice in Serbia, while developing its own, complex health system which today consists of three health centers (Belgrade, New Belgrade and Novi Sad) and five health stations. .

The trust of a large number of users of the VIZIM Health Center is due to the attitude of all employees towards the delicate activity such as health, which includes: respect for each patient, love for their own profession and continuous medical training.

The foundations of this attitude of VIZIMA towards the users of the services of this Health Center were laid by Dr. Zorica Dinić *, in the words she sent during the opening of the first polyclinic, which even today make the colors of VIZIMA recognizable and respected:

“We have to participate in everything that happens in the environment in which we live. No matter what we do in private practice, patients should feel like doctors, not traders. I am one of those people who think that one should not skimp on nice words and deeds. As a believer, I think it would be much easier for all of us in life, if everyone tried to be a good person.”


* dr Zorica Dinić: