From the idea to its final realization…

Health center “Vizim” is a family business which is, for more than two decades, managed by family management. From the idea to its realization and what is Health center “Vizim” today, family Dinić is responsible, which is a key to the success of this family company.

A unique blend of traditional and modern, experience and creativity, are one of the basic values that family Dinić applies managing this complex systems.

The basis of today’s competitiveness is reflected in the professional knowledge, common goals and individual tendencies to creative ideas implemented as soon as possible.

Family Dinić

In memoriam
dr Zorica Dinić
Health center “Vizim” founder

dipl. ing. Vojislav Dinić
Director of sector for investments development and management
dr Milan Dinić
Director of Health center “Vizim” New Belgrade
dr Marija Dinić
Director of Health center “Vizim” Center
dipl. ing. Marko Dinić
Director of section for non-medical activities