Health center “Vizim” start is linked to 1994. year and many years of work, knowledge and experience of dr Zorice Dinić which, with support of his family, founded Polyclinic „VIZIM“ .

At the end of the last century private practice almost did not exist, because founders had a difficult task – to develop a complex system such as the Health Center “Vizim” today and gain the trust of a large number of users of its services which Vizim counts today.

Year after year, with great effort, work and perseverance, Polyclinic “Vizim” has spread, grew, and already in 1997. started to count 20 employees.

In 2001., the Polyclinic “Vizim” begins expansion by opening its first clinic in the palace “Belgrade,” XIII floor.

2003. Polyclinic “Vizim” opens another clinic in one of the most important cultural institutions in Serbia – the National Theatre and thus becomes official clinics for all three ensembles of the National Theatre (opera, drama, ballet).

Polyclinic Vizim 2006. godine, after more than 10 years of successful work, experiencing his first transformation, becoming the first private Health center in Serbia.

In the following years, the workload was increasing as well as the need to expand. With hard work Health center “Vizim” continues to grow and expand, and already in 2012. opened another health center in the business center Airport City.

Today the “Vizim” network is widespread and includes two health centers, health stations and 5 clinics.

Healt center “Vizim” locations:

Following the needs of the population and business customers, our institution has a strong tendency of further expansion. Health center “Vizim” today employs over 70 full-time doctors and other medical professionals are engaged with continuous training and scientific research, and numerous professional awards at national and international medical congresses are confirmation of quality work.

Health center “Vizim” the modern medical system with its general and specialized clinics is ready to respond to all demands of our patients and employees of the Health center will do its best so your doctor visit  be pleasant.

“You have to participate in everything that happens in the community where you live. No matter what you do in private practice, patients should make you feel as a doctor, not a dealer. In addition, I am one of the people who think that we should not be sparing with kind words and deeds. I am a believing  person and I think that if each of us tried to be a good man, we’d all have much easier lifes”

dr Zorica Dinić