Health Center Vizim official healthcare institution of the football tournament German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

As an expression of successful cooperation and mutual trust, the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Health Center “Vizim”, all employees of companies that are members of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce have been granted a 20% discount on all services of the Health Care Center “Vizim” as well as the possibility of carrying out general medical examinations at affordable prices.

Internistically medical examination********
Ultrasound examination of the abdomen********
Spirometry  ******
Medical examination of dermatologist specialist with dermatoscopy    ****
Gynecological medical examination    * * *
PAPA test   * * *
Colposcopy   * * *
Gynecological ultrasound   * * *
Ultrasound of the breast     * *
Doppler examination of neck      **
Ultrasound of the thyroid gland       *
Laboratory of blood count with sedimentation********
Laboratory biochemistry*********
Laboratory analysis of urine********
PSA  * * * 
*11 biochemical parameters